With close to 2,000 acres of rugged beauty, Potomac Shores’ real estate presents an endless source of inspiration. Whether you’re an avid golfer or a fitness fanatic, a social butterfly or a nature lover, life at Potomac Shores is full of all-American experiences. Our transit-oriented destination offers a smart alternative to comparable homes for sale in Alexandria, Virginia. You’ll enjoy more home, more amenities, more breathing room, fairway and water views and a vibrant sense of community. And there’s more to come.

Play golf. Meet for cocktails at the Clubhouse. Run, bike or walk on miles of nature trails. Go for a swim, a morning workout or sunset yoga. Join a cooking class or launch a kayak. Host an all-American family picnic on the blufftop or attend a rollicking community event at the Shores Club. Or explore two miles of magical shoreline.

Call Potomac Shores home and you’ll enjoy multigenerational experiences that make the best kinds of memories. You’ll love the life in a new well-appointed Virginia home. And you’ll be a short ride by rail from Washington DC.

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